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    Need Help

      Hi guys need some help having just bought a slingbox i am having trouble connecting to my home network, i have bought a apple airport express port to use as my slingbox is upstairs and router downstairs, i also have a netgear wifi extender, after resetting the slingbox 10 times i can still not connect to my home network any ideas or help would be great.
      Many Thanks
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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello stevo123uk,

          Thanks for posting to our Forums! I understand that not being able to setup the Slingbox on your network can be difficult and frustrating. In this situation the first thing I would do is move the Slingbox directly to you main router and run through the setup of the Slingbox with out video. Then move your Slingbox back to where you would like to have it for the video signal. The most common cause for not being able to find a Slingbox to do the setup during a setup like yours is the Slingbox is not being able to get an IP address from the router, or the setup web site is having difficulties find the Slingbox on the network.


          Here is an article that will assist you:


          Hope this helps!

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