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    Unable to connect my iphone 5 via 3G


      Unable to connect my iphone 5 via 3G

      The Test on my home PC ays its fine. I have tried changing the port to 9080 one that I know works through to my PC from my iphone (was using remote potato that the slingbox replaced) and pointed it to the slingbox address in my router bot my iphone refuses to connect. It sees it in dicovery but times out connecting. Data test speed are 2.7 for downloading and 1.7m for uploading on my phone.

      Can you help?

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          are you using the slingplayer app for the iphone?  i believe that's required.  cost is about $15

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            eddiecolon91 Newbie

            Hey bobgentry,


            Thank you for utilizing the support forums! I understand how not being able to connect on your iPhone can be frustrating. The data speeds that you stated you have are well over what you need to connect & stream so the speeds shouldn't be an issue. If you are using the Slingplayer application (which is the only way to connect to your Slingbox on an iPhone) then you could try uninstalling the application & reinstalling it again.


            Below is a link that will show you how to reinstall the application once you uninstall it.



            Also what you could do is try to connect over a wifi connection. If you can make that connection on a wifi network then you will know for sure that something with your network is stopping you from connecting.


            Feel free to reply with any questions or comments!


            Best regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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                here is the final deal........AT&T BLOCKED SLINGPLAYER FROM PLAYING OVER 3G, 4G, LTE, GOOGLE IT, AT&T ISSUED A STATEMENT SAYING SO. pretty much slingbox is completely POINTLESS now. why would I want to watch TV in my own home on my phone when I have a 50inch in front of me......its not worth the $$ to pay to "just" be able to watch it in a wifi spot somewhere else...sucks because slingbox was very cool a few years ago when this was not a problem..