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    Last sling plugin update is glitchy over LAN on Mac OS X


      The latest update to the plugin has caused problems in viewing live TV over the internal LAN, every few seconds there's a stop of the video and audio.  This didn't happen with the previous plugin.  Running quad core iMac with 32MB RAM with AV level 200 Powerline at both ends.


      I have now resorted to watching the Slingbox HD through the old Slingplayer application which works fine.  When I first got the HD box, on chatting with the helpdesk and found the picture was dark that you can't change the brightness, colour and contrast through the web plugin but the old application still works.  So I am now back to using that.


      It's the same result via Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


      Not happy that an 'upgrade' has made the client service worse.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Try changing the streaming quality (under the gear/action menu) from "Automatic" to "Best" or something below that.  This setting seems to reset with new plugins, website changes, and different browsers.

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            doitt2 Newbie

            I would agree there is some minor issue with the new plugin.  Video will stop and resync, though just a few minutes ago the screen/audio went black for half a minute or so, but recovered, while at the same time a ping revealed no degradation at all of network responsiveness to the 500.  Generally, though, it works pretty well, and I think it is addressing the issue with audio falling out of sync.  Need some more time to see if that really has been fixed.


            The bigger issue is force-feeding each new plugin update down the throat of every users, rather than allowing people an option to upgrade.  These updates are so infrequent that this policy puts users at great risk of being without service for extended periods should a problem occur while awaiting an subsequent update.  Ditto for firmware updates for the hardware.  Let those who like being on the bleeding edge upgrade on day one and give more conservative users a chance to watch the dust clear.  I certainly learned to never upgrade any other app or OS on day one unless it has some new functionality or bug fix that makes it absolutely necessary.  I bet that Dish/Sling corporate policy on their own internal IT systems is identical.

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                Thanks for the response but I would say that these are NOT minor problems.


                It spoils the total enjoyment of a programme when it is stuttering because of a badly coded plugin.  The previous iteration worked fine so whatever has changed in the code has been detrimental to the product and everyone who is experiencing the same problem.


                There's a reason why they say that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  I don't even know what the upgrade accomplished (ie not made clear) so I could make an informed decision.  I'm not particularly happy that I have to run it through a browser rather than a specific app.  I have to open the slingbox website, then cancel the automatic login to the Slingbox I don't want, then wait for that and then open it in a pop-up window to move it to my secondary monitor when if I run the app on it's own it's on the right screen and I can select the S/B.


                Thanks for the advice on changing my settings but this shouldn't be necessary and no instruction to do so was previously provided.  So this is a workaround for a sloppy update.


                For the moment, I would like to be able to downgrade the plugin; not everything newer is better.