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    SQ Only Display Option on iPad


      I have a Pro HD Slingbox and can access it via my Mac laptop and/or my iPad.  Generally, this works very well for me.  I recently downloaded an updated version of Slingplayer on my iPad and it appears to have set me back a bit.  I can only view video in Standard Quality (SQ).  The option to choose "Auto" or "HQ", etc. are grayed out and not available.


      I've confirmed that I have the HD cables running from the cable box to my Slingbox ProHD and when I log on to the slingbox via my Mac Laptop, I can choose my video quality ranging from "Best HD" down to SQ. 


      So, I know that I don't have an issue with the ProHD and I know it works on my laptop.  It appears that the issue must be related to the new Slingplayer App???


      Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


      Note: I can use my iPad's mirroring capabilities to display the slingbox content onto my TV via AppleTV.  However, because it is in SQ, I am not able to use AirPlay via Slingplayer.  If I was able to use this funciton, I'd have far greater picture quality and it would use the whole TV display as opposed to using 60% of the screen.


      Please Help!