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    WD Live box, won't login.


      Installed a brand new Slingbox 350 a couple weeks ago, and have no problems watching TV on the computer.  This weekend I received my WD Live box, and have installed it by directly connecting to my home LAN.  After first boot up, the WD Live box ran two successful firmware updates.  I then decided to try the slingplayer, the whole reason I bought the unit.  Well, it won't login, and I'm using the proper email and password on my Sling account.  It just says username or password incorrect, error code 26.  I've tried it several days in a row, but nothing seems to change.  Is the box bad or what?

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          I figured this out myselft, no thanks to sling, no support whatsever from them.  So hopefully this will help someone else.  So if you do any firmware updates, you will need to factory reset the unit, then go through the slingplayer setup again.  What I found is that the first time I used the unit, it ran two firmware updates.  When I tried to use the slingplayer the first time, it had a short EULA that I was able to just click "I agree".  It never would connect to slingbox even using the correct login.  After I factory reset the unit, and went through "first time" setup of the slingplayer again, there was a really long EULA that I had to scroll through all the way with the remote down arrow before I could select "I agree".  So for whatever reason, the firmware updates need also a factory reset when done.