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    I can watch TV on my PC in the UK but not when I travel to the US. Why?


      I have a sling box solo in the UK connceted to a Humax HD digital receiver. When I log in to Sling.com in the UK using my PC I can watch TV both at home and in the office (i.e.two seperate locations). This suggests the systen is working properly. However, when I travel to the US (Colorado) I could not get a conncetion on my PC (or using a WD TV box with slingplayer connected to a TV). The error given was W211 (No connection).


      I have speed tested the network in the UK where the sling box is located (Billion router using BT ADSL: 7 Mbps DL, 1Mbps UL) and the network in the US where I tried to access the sling box (Netgear router using Comcast cable: 20Mbps DL, 5 Mbps UL). The network speeds seem to be more than adequate.


      Please can you tell me what the problem might be?