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    no audio at all with comcast and slingbox350


      So i had a slingbox solo for awhile and recently noticed it didnt receive any audio when watching on my phone, computer, and even sling player (windows).


      It was working great before, and I didnt change anything on the box itself only updated the mobile app. So I thought the issue was due to maybe bad capacitors that fas failed as many owners have posted. Anyways, I end up getting the new slingbox 350 thinking this will solve my issues. But it didnt..


      My current setup is through Comcast DVR Motorola DCX3400 and components cable. The picture is working perfectly fine, but just no audio whatsoever.


      Anyone know what could be the reason? Very frustrating trying to figure this out as I'm not sure its Comcast that's blocking this or something I need tweak.



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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello 101soldier,

          Thanks for posting to our Forums! I understand that you that you're Slingbox 350 is not playing any audio.

          In this situation I would like to ask a few questions. Is your Slingbox 350 connect to a TV, if so does the TV play audio? Have you tried another set of audio cables(Red and White cables)?


          In the mean time, one thing I would do is make sure the cables and cable box are working correctly. To do this all you need to do is disconnect you cables from the Slingbox, and then plug them into a TV. Basically bypassing the Slingbox. If you get audio there is going to be an issue with the Slingbox that will need to be addressed, If you do not get audio then the issue will be with your cable box or the cables you are using.

          Hope this helps!

          Best regards,
          The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Sorry for the late update but I found out the issue afterall and I just want to share incase anyone have similiar issues. It turns out it IS my Comcast and DVR settings!! There is submenu within my Mororola DVR that you can setup audio output as Stereo. I previously tried to correct this on the service menu (harder route) instead but it didnt do anything.


              But yes simply setting it to "Stereo" apparently did the trick and I'm able to get full clear audio I used to get again. Thanks Zbonomo12 for the prompt respond, I really appreciate the help.