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    How to avoid my ISP to limit Remote Viewing ?




      I'm from Belgium and I've experienced a strange thing with my Slingbox.


      During the day, my ISP seems to slow down my bandwidth coming from my Slingbox. I don't know haw they do that. However, I'm sure they do so 'cause if i use a 3G or 4G modem to connect to it, it streams at full speed. Moreover, other streaming applications work on full speed as it's supposed to.


      From 01am till 8am my ISP is allowing me to receive the stream at its full speed. Quite frustrating cause I rarely watch remote tv at night...


      So my question is : Is there a way that the Slingbox stream would appear to my ISP as an other stream for which there's no limitation ?

      For example, I pay for a tennis stream on www.tennistv.com and this is not affected by any limitation of the speed. However meanwhile the stream coming from my slingbox is limited at less than 1 Mbps...


      Please tell me there's smth to solve this case !

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          eddiecolon91 Newbie

          Hey snowoli,


          I understand how having your streaming slowed down can be a frustration. I am not an expert on internet service or how they go about increasing or decreasing bandwidth speeds. What I do know is that the more you use your network's connection it slows down the bandwidth speeds. So say you have numerous devices or computers streaming from your router, your bandwidth will now be lowered. A quick tip way to reset it & start your bandwidth off from scratch is to power cycle the router. Which is nothing more than unplugging the router & plugging it back in again. 


          You also want to check the speeds of the network you are connected to. That could play a major part in how good of a stream you are getting. In order to check your speeds, you could go to the link below to do so.



          I hope this information will aid you in getting this issue resolved!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team