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    Audio Echo on Samsung Galaxy?

    Maxcats Novice

      My Pro-HD has the well documented 'echo' artefact when using iPhone and iPad (and occasionally desktop).


      You can read more about it here:




      I am trying to isolate this issue, so a question for Samsung users with a Pro-HD - are you also hearing this audio echo/tinny ring sound when using your Samsung phones or Tablets?


      I have attached a sound file which has the echo on my iPhone 4 - please play it to see if the ringing/distortion is also heard on your Android device.

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          eddiecolon91 Newbie

          Hey Maxcats,


          I have listened to the audio clip that you uploaded. I heard that little ringing noise so believe me when I say I understand the frustration I have a couple of troubleshooting tips that I want you to try. It could potentially further assist you in getting this issue resolved.


          • Try a different set of audio cables
          • Run the audio cables directly from the cable box to the TV


          If you get the buzzing audio noise with the TV as well, then the error is with the cable box. If not it could potentially be an issue with the ports on the back of the Slingbox. You could be facing the same issue as the other customers in the thread that you posted but I want you to attempt these troubleshooting steps first to identify if one of these tips could solve your issue.


          I hope this information is helpful to you!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Maxcats Novice

              Hi Eddie thanks for your reply.


              I have done all this and gone one step further. I also have a Slingbox 350 that I have used on the identical TIVO device with no issue and no audio echo at all.


              My 350 is perfect! My Pro-HD is not. The audio echo is on BOTH S-Video (TIVO) and Component (WDTV Hub) using RCA audio inputs. The reason for this post was to see if it was primarily an iPhone/iPad issue and not Android.


              But I can also now hear the echo on my desktop by pausing the TIVO programme by remote and turning the amplifier connected to my PC up **high**. Over the top of the noise floor of the amplifier is the tingle-tingle noise that I hear on the iPhone, which you can hear on the audio file I posted. NOTE: This is with Windows XP which is no longer supported. I have tried VISTA and so far it appears to be silent.


              I love my Pro-HD and I think you may have assisted me with this directly thru the support desk.


              I have done everything to troubleshoot and I now suspect this is a hardware fault. The new iPhone update hasn't changed anything and the frustration is knowing that the AUDIO ONLY mode on the Pro-HD sounds good - but put it on Standard or HQ and the echo/ringing is there.


              So what next? This is an issue for many others - is there a hardware solution?


              Please play the attached file which is simply the Pro-HD noise with no programme content over the top.