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    comcast x1 remote


      i have comcast x1 with box rng150n remote xr2 version p2 can not find my remote on Slingbox setup?  

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          Cauchon Novice

          Hi, allimo,


          I believe we have a remote already added that should work for your X1 box..


          Try the "Comcast X1" or "Comcast Pace PX001ANM" and let us know if these work.




          Product Manager @ Slingbox

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              The remote is added, but the Sling guide doesn't work because it doesn't send an "ok" after the channel numbers.


              (yes, I have the "send Enter after the channel number" feature enabled).


              You (Justin) should map the OK key to the Sling's Enter function to make this work.  There are other posts on your forum with the same problem.

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                Justin - I seem to be having a similar problem - I hooked up my sling box Pro HD to a new Comcast X1 box. I used both of the two remote codes you provided in your post - interestingly they are EXACT matches for my remote. Having said that, none of the buttons work except the volume button. To try and change a channel, I hit the channel and then OK; nothing happens. I press the XFINITY button; nothing happens. Pushing the CH button up or down also does nothing. My box says PACE RNG 150N. Can you help?