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    Onscreen features icons are missing after update


      After installing an update, all onscreen features icons are now missing. I cannot pull up my remote or go to fullscreen without the icons, any advice? Please.

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          eddiecolon91 Newbie

          Hey charles985,


          I understand how having all of your regular features missing can be a frustration. It could "potentially" be an issue with the update that you downloaded. To make sure you are accessing the proper version of Slingplayer I have a couple of steps I want you to do to verify what version you actually have.


          • Open up the Slingplayer application
          • Log into your Sling account
          • Go to the "settings" tab
          • Scroll down until you see the version you are currently running


          Also as an additional question, what device do you have the Slingplayer on? Such as Android tablet, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone etc...


          Feel free to answer to this post with any further information! I want to make sure we get any questions you have answered.


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team