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    Slingbox player for Google TV issue

    Tarkus Newbie

      For some reason I was not able to post in the sling player for connected devices forum so I am posting here. I have a slingbox 350 and a Directv THR100-22 Tivo receiver. There is a THR100-22 remote available which works fine on my PC and android setup. This remote does not seem to be compatible with my connected device player which is a Sony google tv NSX-32GT1.  The DVR selection in the lower left corner is grayed out and is not selectable when using the THR100-22 remote. To get around this I set up the composite input to use the Directv HR24 remote which does fix the grayed out DVR selection button. I would rather use component for all my devices for the improved quality as well as not having to switch back and forth between component and composite inputs. Also I happen to like the THR100-22 Tivo remote better than the DirectvHR24 remote since it matches the physical remote exactly and has a few useful buttons that are not on the HR24. Slingbox tech support, can this be fixed easily?


      Thanks in advance

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hello Tarkus,


               Thank you for posting on our forum website! I am sorry to hear that you are losing your DVR function on your Google TV. I would suggest that you try using the DVR feature on the Google TV remote to see if this helps.


          Here is a list of controls that all Google TV remotes offer:


          Transport controlsFast-Forward, Play/Pause, Rewind, Skip Forward, Skip Backwards, Stop
          Up/Down/Left/Right/EnterNavigates the SlingPlayer interface and the on-screen menu
          Color buttonsNot used
          G keyDisplays the program guide
          D keyDisplays the DVR menu
          Space barDisplays the onscreen menu
          ; keySwitches to the last channel
          S keyStop
          Esc keyExit
          P keyPlay
          O keyPause
          J keyPage Down
          U keyPage Up
          I keyInfo
          L keyLive TV
          R keyRecord
          M keyMenu (DVR)
          ? keyDisplays SlingPlayer Help (shortcut) keys


          Hope this helps,


          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Tarkus Newbie

              All of those shortcuts that you suggested do not work with the Directv THR22-100 remote in the setup when the Google TV player is used. They do work with Directv HR24. While the HR24 can be used across the board for all platforms, android, PC, googletv, it is not the correct remote for my reciever. The Directv THR22-100 has addition buttons that I whish to utilize on both my PC and Android tablet. I dont know all the mechanics behind it but perhaps the THR22-100 needs to be added to the Slingplayer for connected devices database.

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                  Zbonomo12 Novice

                  Hello Tarkus,

                  Thanks for posting to our Forums! I can see how the Sony Internet Player with Google TV's remote is not working with the THR22-100 remote setup can be very difficult and frustrating.


                  We are not sure why the remote is not working as it sould and we will have our engineering team look into this for you.


                  Best regards,
                  The Sling Media Moderation Team