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    Sky +HD 2TB box to Slingbox Pro HD


      Hi everyone,


      Please bear with me as I know this qu has been asked a lot but the answers left me confused, just looking for clarification.


      I live in Dubai and my brother in law currently has my Sky + (not HD) box hooked up to my Slingbox Pro HD. Its been working fine for the last 3 years. Now he's upgrading the Internet to virgin media's 100mb connection and I'm thinking of taking advantage of his new upload speeds.


      What I want to do is get the new sky+HD 2TB box and hook it up to the Slingbox Pro. The only reason for this would be to take advantage of an improved picture quality. I know I need to convert the HDMI to component, but my main concern is would my picture quality significantly improve if I did so?


      If so would the following 2 items do the job for me?





      Again the sole purpose is to stream to me here in Dubai, (the skybox etc isn't used at all within the household) & the increase the picture quality.


      Many thanks,


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          After some more browsing it seems this HD Fury3 is getting the thumbs up (if you ignore cost). From the pictures on the website the supplied lead only has the 3 component video outputs.


          How would you go about hooking up your audio? Just the basic red and white cables? Are there any potential syncing issues that could arise?


          Thanks again,


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              anthony.sling Apprentice

              Hello EasyRyder,


                   Thank you for posting on our forums website! I can certainly see why you are contacting Sling Media, and I would be glad to assist you. The increase in the network speed could help with providing a better quality of picture. As long as you are running the minimum requirements that the website states for the Slingbox PRO.


                   The Sky +HD 2TB cable box will work with the Slingbox. The Slingbox is made to work with any audio and video device. If you are unable to find a working remote for this cable box, you could go to our our enhancement request page on our forums to request a working remote to be made for your cable box.


                   The Slingbox to work properly, you would need the 3 component cables for video and the standard red and white cables for audio. If you are experiencing out of sync audio and video in Watch on Slingbox.com, I would recommend enabling/disabling the hardware acceleration.



              If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call at 1-877-467-5464. We are open 7 days a week, between the hours of 10:00am to 10:00pm EST.


              Hope this helps,


              Sling Media Moderation Team

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                alanrichey42 Master

                Hi Gavin


                Unfortunately the moderator completely misses the point of your question, but as he is American and has no experience of UK boxes that is understandable.


                Just to answer his points, There is a virtual remote for that box on the ProHD, you can select the ordinary Sky+ HD or the Sky+ HD 1TB box, they are all the same.   And he obviously doesn't realise that Sky stopped having component outputs on their devices some time ago.


                To anser your question, you are right that the HD Fury does a good job and will also apparently allow HDCP-protected content to be displayed.  The drawback is the price.  Personally I use a very similar one to the one you suggest (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00622MA6W/ref=pe_217191_31005151_dp_1, but unfortunately no available at the moment) and that works very well for non-HDCP content, but doesn't handle HDCP content very well. 


                For the Fury audio, you simply need to connect the red/white RCA connectors from the composite output of the Sky Box to the input on the Pro-HD.  Should work fine.