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    When will slingcatcher support Win7 network Drives?


      ok, Win7 it's been released for a while, soooooo when you guys plan to support it's network drive??? since the FAQ says it is currently NOT support it...

      All my home Pcs are upgraded to Win7 except my Server since I CAN NOT Slingcatcher...



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          You can still create an external drive that is FAT32 and mount it on a Win7 machine for use with the Slingcatcher.  FAT32 will support up to 2TB, but you need an external program to format it that big.    I am using one now.   I don't think we will ever get NTFS support which is what we all want.

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              Thx for the reply, for the addon drive, you can format bigger drives with CompuApps Swissknife v3 to bypass the 2Gb FAT32 limitation, I using it update my xbox 360 external usb hdd. Anyway having to create another drive using FAT32 is not practical, first, some hd movies weight more than 2gb so you can't copy them to the new drive. And second if you need to physically add it to you PC, it might be more easier to just add it to the slingCatcher as a usb drive.


              I just updated muy server to Win7 ultimate, was going for the 2k8 server but it lack Media Center and I need to use it to record some shows with HAVA, and to add Media Center there is a workaround that I'm not in the mood to try it... maybe later. But as right now I'm running a Raid6 with 10 2Gb hdds based on Areca 1231ML set it as a single Dynamic Disc... So right now the slingcatcher is blind to my 16Tb drive which is really sad.


              But I am optimistic about finding a workaround using Vmware and a second eth using bridge mode. Technically I should be able to make the 16Tb drive as local drive to the virtual winxp and shared it from there. So let's see how it goes.




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                  eferz Expert

                  Have you tried doing this  http://www.tannerwilliamson.com/2009/09/windows-7-seven-network-file-sharing-fix-samba-smb


                  Microsoft has amped-up their new operating system with some new  security standards, which notably fix their aging Samba (SMB) Windows  File Sharing protocol. By default, Windows Seven comes pre-configured to  only communicate with other file sharing clients and servers which are  also using the new beefed-up and more secure version of the Samba file  sharing protocol. Because of this, it will not properly communicate with  computers running older versions of Samba (SMB) Windows File Sharing  protocol.


                  So are you SOL? If you don’t continue to read this guide you will be.  I’ve made a quick walk through with screen shots guiding you on how to  restore your file sharing capabilities with older Windows File Sharing  computers including but not limited to Windows Vista, Windows XP,  Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, and even Linux distributions running the  SMB service.


                  It goes on to describe how to go into your Local Security Policies and disable "Require NTLMv2 session security” and “Require  128-bit encryption” from the "Minimum session security for NTLM SSP (including RPC based) Clients" also to confgure “Send LM & NTLM – use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated“ in the “Network Security LAN Manager authentication level“.



                  Side note: I don't know why the guy mixes up Server Message Block (SMB) with Samba.  Samba is a service that support interoperability with SMB and Common Internet File System (CIFS) clients and servers.