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    Reduce CPU usage / Use hardware acceleration


      Can Sling make the Slingplayer for the Web plugin as efficient, using hardware or GPU acceleration, as the Flash plugin or the Silverlight plugin?


      I can watch Hulu or Netflix all day long without the fans making a sound.


      My Mac is a very recent Retina MBP 15" and it gets hot and the fans spin up when the Slingplayer for Web plugin is active.


      I'm on the road a lot and it chews through battery life.



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          ferguspa Apprentice

          I have a Mid-2012 13" MacBook Pro with 10.8.4 watching in Safari and the fans don't spin excessively.  Possibly knock the quality from "Auto" and/or "Best HD" down to "Best"?  Stepping down to "Best" on a LAN stream results in CPU usage cut in half (~115% down to 60%) for me.


          The other option might be that the plugin may not play well with retina displays--for testing purposes try changing your resolution on your retina display (or even attaching an external display and closing the built-in retina display).