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    Slow speeds except when I'm using hotspot shield



      I have the slingbox solo.  Sometime in the last two weeks, I started to only get speeds of 300-400 Kbps when I used to get 1600-2000 Kbps.  I thought that maybe it was a problem on the slingbox side, but just today, I happened to have hotspot shield running at the same time, and now I’m getting those fast speeds again.  When I don’t have hotspot shield running, my speeds drop again to 300-400.  I use the slingplayer stand alone program for windows, but I also got the same results testing it on the web version.   Do you know of anything that I can do to get it to work fast again when ?

      Things that I've tried are restarting the router and trying the web sliingplayer as well as the standalone version.  Thanks for the help.

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          Just an update.  This happens on all of the computers.  I also reconfigured the router to the original settings, and it is still the same.

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              Zbonomo12 Novice

              Hello nevinbsjcaa,

              Thanks for posting to our Forums! I Understand that your having an issue with your connection speeds dropping off while streaming if your not using a Hotspot Shield on your computer.


              I have a few questions that will help me resolve this matter. First question I have is what kind of network are you using? Is your network a work, personal, or public network? The second question I have for you is, Have you tried another network to see if this issue occurs anywhere's else?


              Hope we can get this resolve for you

              Best regards,
              The Sling Media Moderation Team