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    Windows plugins stopped working, droid plugin working fine


      Within the last week, my Slingbox plugin running within Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.72 m) on Windows 8 stopped playing video and sound. I can change channels and otherwise control the box but nothing plays. At the same time, my droid plugin plays fine when connecting to the same HD box.


      When the condition first occured, it played for about 60secs -- then stopped. Restarting the browser did not help and I was not in a position to reboot the computer. A few days later (today) I tried again, it played for about 60secs -- then stopped again. I rebooted -- no change. I installed the plugin into IE for the first time and lauched the x86 version of IE -- same issue. Slingbox does not play video or audio in either browser. The video screen stays blank but if I connect with my phone -- it plays fine.


      I am assuming that something may have been changed during my last Windows 8 update that broke the plugin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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          This appears to be a problem when the Quality set to Auto or set too high.


          If I set the quality to Best or lower (and re-connect), I can get the browser plugin to work. If I set quality to Auto or Best HD the plugin stops playing within a few seconds.


          Of note, the bandwidth quality displayed at the top of my video box is a lot lower than I would think it should be. I may have a separate networking issue but I would have thought "Auto" should have been able to adjust to the bitrate achieved.


          Kudos to tech support for getting me quickly to this point in problem resolution.

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              Tyler.Sling Novice

              Hello jcstaff,


              Thank you for posting in the Slingbox Answers Forum!


              The reason it works in SQ and not Auto or HD is most likely because have insufficient bandwidth. This could be at the location of the Slingbox or the location you are connecting from. The minimum requirements is 2Mbps for HD streaming. You can find out what you have by going to speedtest.net.


              Hope this helps!


              Kind regards,

              The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thank you for the info. I agree I am not getting sufficient/consistent bandwidth between the computer browser plugin and slingbox based on the status displayed in the plugin. However, it is currently at Excellent/8MBs playing at "Best".


              When I switch it from "Best" to "HD Best" in the browser plugin, the screen soon goes blank and the reading immediately goes down to Fair/112sKBs. After a few minutes of Fair/no-picture or sound I switched it back to "Best" and I go back to Excellent/8MBs with the picture/source resuming. When I connect using my DROID App and switch to HQ -- bitrate is displayed as 4MBs.


              My slingbox and computer are in the same house connected to the same network (2 D-Link routers). Slingbox and inner router are hardwired to the outer/DMZ router using 10GB ports. Computer is hardwired to inner router using a 10GB port. The computer network comes through a docking station with a USB3 hub. It has been working that way for quite a while (6-11months). My DROID connects wireless to the inner router. The same (bad) results occur from my browser plugin when I switch the computer from wired to wireless (using the same router as my DROID).


              I performed the test using the wired connection and recieved a 55.55MBs download and 6.43MBs upload from the computer attached the the inner router. I tested again with wireless and got 17.26MBs download and 6.59MBs upload.


              I don't know what to say - but it does not seem to be an issue with actual available network bandwidth.