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    Hardwhere set up confusion


      I there I have: a sling loaded Echostar HDS-600RS recordable box set up to our Samsung Smart TV with internet.


      I also have the following:  Slingbox Pro HD

                                                Sling Box Solo

                                                 Sling Box Turbo link 1pair


      I do not understand where I have to plug everything in to get the best from this technology.

      I won it all as a prize and am not tecnologically minded.  I have watched the Set up video to find this site

      and logged in for some advice.

      We have our Netgear Router cabled to our Sony Vaio windows 7 Computer upstairs

      and have laptops and other TVs and kindles that we wish to be able to connect to this tech to watch TV

      anywhere.  I have tried to look at the instructions but I am completely confused.

      Do I set all these things up to the same TV or spead around the house, or in fact do I need them all!.

      I think I understand the Turbo link as being very useful to extend our internet connection more efficiently

      but what about the rest?


      I need a coffee and help please.

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Deaville,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I am more than happy to assist you with setting up your Slingbox!


          Your Slingbox will connect to your set-top box. At the same time, it needs to be connected to your wireless router via Ethernet cable. Being that your router is located upstairs, this is where the pair of Sling Links will come in handy.


          You will need to connect one Sling Link to an outlet near the Slingbox, then run an Ethernet cable from the Sling Link, to the Slingbox. The other Sling Link will connect to an outlet near your router, then an Ethernet cable will need to be ran from the Sling Link, to your router. You will also need to ensure the Sling Links are plugged into wall outlets. They will not work properly if they are connected to an extension cord or power strip.


          The only downside is that you until you have another set of Sling Links, you will only be able to setup one of the Slingbox models. This is because your router is not located near your set-top box. We do not recommend using an Ethernet cable longer than 10ft.


          Once your Slingbox is powered on, it should have a solid network light, verifying that is has an Internet connection and that it has received a valid IP address from your router. The next step is to connect your audio and video cables.


          It is up to you what you want to use for cables. You can use composite, component, S-Video, or Coax. Whichever cable it is, it will need to be connected from the OUT on your set-top box to the IN on your Slingbox. If you are using composite, component, or S-video, the input will be on the top row of the Slingbox.


          The last thing to connect is your IR blaster cables, which connect from the IR port on the Slingbox, and sit on the face of your set-top box in front of the IR sensor.


          After this is all setup, visit the link below to setup your Slingbox online:



          Hope all of this information helps!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team