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    Contemplating buying but concerned...


      We just moved in to a new townhouse which only has two cable outlets and we have four flatscreens and non of them have WiFi capability. I have been doing some reading on this and think I have some answers but some are still not answered.


      The DVR is next to the main television. Do I need a third-party top-box or whatever they are called for that television?

      The other three televisions I think I will need third-party top-boxes for all three of those televisions.


      I read in the FAQ area that the Slingbox is for one viewer only, so does that mean that I cannot watch something different on my office television while my wife is watching something different on her television in the master bedroom and my son cannot watch something different from all of us in his room? We all have to be watching the same thing even though we are on three different televisions with three different top-boxes?



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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Rhettman,


          Thank you for posting in the forums! From my understanding, you have another TV in your home that does not have cable or WiFi, that you would like to receive your cable on?


          If this is correct, there is a way to do this. You would need a Slingbox SOLO, PRO-HD, 350, or 500 and a Connected Device. A connected devices is a third-party product that connects to your HD TV via HDMI, and it has the SlingPlayer application built in, as well as Netflix and other streaming players.


          Below is a link to a page from our support site that includes a bit more information about Connected Devices:



          Hope this helps!


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