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    Slingbox Solo - Drops frequently


      I recently started to have a problem with my Slingbox/Slingcatcher.  I connect to my Slingbox via Slingcatcher, but after a few minutes (around 5) the connection drops and the slingccatcher say "There was a problem connecting to the Slingbox.  Try again..."  I then immediately connect again and everything is fine...for about 5 minutes.  This cycle just goes and goes.  I called my family in the USA to unplug their modem, and slingbox to see if that will help, but nothing...still the same.  I am a bit confused why I will get about 500k streaming, but then it just kicks me out...and is fine when I reconnect.


      I know it can't be my Slingcatcher, my internet works, I can project to my tv via Slingprojector with no problem, so my connection here are fine.


      Everything was working so great.  Pity.


      Anything I can do to get rid of this problem?  I may have to just reset my Slingbox and start all over (when I get home), but is there something else I can do?

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          I started having same issues for about a month now as well

          any ideas/help is greatly appreciated



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            I have exactly the same issue. I had the slingbox reset and reconfigured, but I still experienxce these drops. Sometimes it can work for about 10 minutes, other times it drops continously after just a few seconds. The connection where the slingbox is located (italy) and where I am recieving (sweden) are fine. The redlights on the box look as they should (two permanent red lights plus the third that lights when i tryu to connect.

            I configured my router in italy as specified in the instructions.

            The problem is that earlier the box was generally streaming properly for longer intervals (between 5-15 minutes) but now it often drops after a few seconds.

            What can I do? Help!


            Often when trying to reconnect after a drop I get this message "someone else is using the slingbox", which is obviously not the case.


            I also noticed that the more frequent drops started at the same time the link to connect via facebook stoarted to appear. I do not know if there can be any connection.


            Any help appreciated



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              Hi ACC576004 and all,


              It seems that all of you are having some issues with the Slingbox SOLO.


              I recommend you all to check the following article and follow the included steps:


              Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network


              Hope this helps!



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                  I have this same issue on my Sling HD.

                  It happens when I am viewing from a remote location and it happens when I am watching on the same network via my PC??


                  Connection drops, when I try to reconnect it says someone else is watching?


                  Was working for a long time w/ out any issue. I have tried to connect from various locations and after about 10 minutes or so: I get dropped?


                  Can anyone help?



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                    This link takes you to the main support page.  When i searched the link it came back no articles.  Please repost your link to the Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network.



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                        This is interesting because I am having the same problem with my Slingbox 350 and find responses from the company less than acceptable. For example, the links above are no good. I wouldn't mind if the connection dropped and I could reset it but it takes about a half hour before I am able to connect again. This seems to be a problem inherent in Slingbox - I wonder if there is some way I could reset it immediately but of course there is no way to find out without paying $30. And it always seems to happen just when they are going to reveal who the murderer is!