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    WD TV Live Remote Control Too Slow


      I've been using a Slingbox Solo for several years.  It's connected to a DVR in Chicago.  I live in Oregon and Mexico and have used a SlingCatcher for about 5 years - fairly successfully.  The SlingCatcher died so I went to buy a WD TV Live device and hooked it up to my TV.  Everything went well.  I then started to play a pre-recorded program.   Every command issued on the remote control takes several seconds to register and actually control the DVR.  This lag time is much, much greater than on the SlingCatcher.  So much so that the WD TV Live is unacceptable as a SlingPlayer device.  It's going back to Best Buy tomorrow!


      So what are the alternatives besides using my computer (which works fine by the way)? Any devices out there with a remote that can control a DVR as well as the old SlingCatcher did?