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    Motorola 7216 HDMI HDCP setup

      I am not certain but think it is possible Verizon may  have installed some new security software on FIOS set top boxes, related to HDCP  content protection. Recently the FIOS signal from my Motorola 6412 STB stopped  displaying on my TV. Verizon sent a new 7216 box to replace it. I still had the  same issue and had forgotten that my signal is routed through a Slingbox 500  using both HDMI and component cables and utilizing the Slingboxes HDMI pass  through to the TV as shown in their instructions. I had not experienced any  issue with logging onto Slingbox and viewing content remotely through the  internet  and presumed the pass through circuit had failed. Slingbox sent a  replacement which still would not display on the TV.  I then tried using the  component from the  TV into the Slingbox and output to the TV using components  instead of the HDMI. This worked ok but I then decided to connect the unused  cable HDMI output directly to the TV. I could switch the inputs between the  component pass through and the direct HDMI. The audio was noticeably superior on  the HDMI compared to the component connections. I decided to disconnect the component cable from the Slingbox to the TV simply  send the signal to the Slingbox input with component cables and directly to the  TV from the cable box HDMI, avoiding the Slingbox HDMI and component pass  throughs. Problem solved!!! I am watching live TV and viewing remotely via the  Slingbox and getting a digital signal to the live TV. I am not certain if I will be able to access some new Slingbox  features mentioned on the Slingbox support site which implied using HDMI to the  Slingbox would make them available. I am not sure why Slingbox does not show  this as an option when making connections.