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    Need help with my sling box 350!


      HI, i'm having trouble changing the channel on my sling box. What can i do?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Tmac1,


          Thank you for posting in the Slingbox Answers Forum!


          Another user has posted a thread that provides all of the troubleshooting issues with your Onscreen Remote Control.


          Below is a link to the thread:



          Hope this helps!


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              This site is not so simple to use.  I can't find the place just to initiate a question.  I'm having a problem with my sling box 350.  I've updated the software and set up and account.  I select the country USA and zip code.  A small picture appears and I can hear that the audio with it showing that it is coming from my set top box (which happens to be a 622 vip Dish receiver).  However when I press next suddenly the zip code changes to 94044 and then I'm not able to select next nor do I see a list of providers.  I've tried different browsers and nothing works to get me to the next step.  Help

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                  Tyler.Sling Novice

                  Hello amex9665,


                  Thanks for responding! We are aware of this issue, anyone trying to setup a Slingbox at this time will experience the same issue. We do not have an ETA on when there will be a resolution, however it will be fixed soon.


                  For now, a work around is to change your country to Japan. This will allow you to complete the setup. The only thing it will affect is your program guide. Which is not completely necessary because the guide button on your Onscreen remote will pull up your channel guide.


                  If you could use the work around for now, I will post to this thread when there is a resolution to to this.


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