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    My sling HD pro died :(


      Hello everyone,


      I'm new on this forum and the motive is that I'm getting worried about my sling that just died.


      The symptoms are:

      1) The logo "N" in the front of the box before the problem happened the little dots were gradually blinking and now they are just solid (no blinking) red.


      2) I have Sling Link Turbo that connects my sling box to the Internet in the other room and it is communicating with the Internet modem normally, but when I connect my sling box to the Sling Link Turbo there is no sign of activity between the sling link and the sling box.


      3) I tried to connect directly my sling box to the Internet modem just to verify if the communication between them could occur, but it didn't.


      4) I connected my sling box directly to my computer but it still didn't give any sign of communication.


      5) After a while plugging and unplugging cables I decided to do a reset on my sling box and see if it could fix it, but no good.


      6) Just clarifying, I have my sling box plugged in the outlet and it turns on normally.


      So if does anyone knows a solution for this, please let me know!


      Thanks a million!