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    PACE DCR7151/24 Remote Skipping


      Hello all!

      I am having trouble getting remote functionality to work properly on a Slingbox in Portugal, it moves 2 spaces instead of 1 when using the arrow controls.


      -PACE DCR7151/24 is the STB (which was not in the Slingbox setup)

      -Downloaded Pace DCR 8151-24 and Pace DCR-712 from JP1 – both seem to work, but they have the skipping problem.

      -And just to clarify…When I hit the number 2, it registers as 2, not 22.  However when I am in the "Menu" or "On Demand" section and try to scroll up/down/side/side to movies it skips every other one. 

      -Alan Richey was kind enough to create a pair of .bin files with the repeat rate set to 0, but it's still skipping...


      Any suggestions? 


      Thanks in advance…