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      Can you add chromecast capability to the slingplayer apps?

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          I would REALLY love to see this support quickly!!

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            LimeyUK Newbie

            Are you inferring it is not currently compatible?

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              I don't think it is currently compatable as far as applications go.  From what I have seen each individual application needs to support it, so it needs to be built into the applications.  I think it's being built in to the Chrome browser, so it should work from a computer.  This is all just an educated guess from the information I've seen.

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                I got my Chromecast today and I can confirm it is not compatible. I have a SlingBox 500 and confirmed I have the latest versions of the SlingPlayer apps on my iPad and iPhone, neither has the streaming capability. Considering that the only non-Google app with this functionality is Netflix I didn’t expect it to be there just yet. The problem is that the SlingPlayer Web version uses Microsoft Silverlight, which is not supported by Chromecast, so we don’t even have a workaround for streaming it via a browser. I tried this myself earlier today and can confirm it doesn’t work, it just shows a blank area where the screen should be with no audio or video.


                I know the Sling developers have a number of items on their plate, given the other discussion threads I’ve seen on here, but can we get someone from Sling to confirm if Chromecast App support is in the works or not and a ballpark of a timeframe?

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                  Confirmed the same for Android devices as well as my Windows 8 Tab. Would love to see chromecast support from slingbox for either of these OS's this is one of the main reasons I purchased the chromecast.

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                    This would be an excellent feature to allow the slingplayer app to directly stream to the Chromecast dongle from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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                      Yup, I just bought one today to view slingbox on my computer and stream it via Chromecast, but nothing. I just get a blank screen as well. Maybe I just should have waited, but for $35, I had nothing to lose.

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                        I've been told, the old stand alone desktop app works.  unfortunatley for me it doesn't work with the 500 model or if it does it needs to be set up on the same network which for me is in san diego and i'm in vegas.  maybe this will help some of you guys out though. search slinbox app 2.0 on google and it should get you to the app from slingbox's website.  if i learn anything else i'll try and update here.

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                          Confirmed that the Facebook Slingplayer app works. Haven't tested too much as I'm heading to meet friends for breakfast but I was watching my slinbox for a few minutes just now on my TV.  Just search slingplayer in Facebook and it should come up.  I hope this helps some people.

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                            Yes please add direct support for chromecast, its a perfect match with slingbox.

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                              Android support would be fantastic.  I am going to update my beta profile to make sure its up to speed.

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                                I second that, or seventh it, or whatever count we are up to now.

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                                  Yeah I just got my Chromecast and I beg of the developers to make the slingbox app compatible!!

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                                    I am another one looking for Chromecast support.


                                    What say you Sling???  I haven't seen any word from you regarding this matter?

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