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    Issue watching on slingbox.com with one computer, but not with another


      Alright so since Slingbox tech support both by phone and chat has been totally useless and beyond incompetant, now I'm trying the community. So here's my problem:

      We have a brand new sling500, it is plugged at our home in Montreal, Canada. It is connected to the tv box using component HD cables to avoid the HDMI copyright issues, and is connected to internet using wifi. We have a Fiber optic connection with 15mbs download and 10mbs upload, with steady speedtests (using www.speedtest.net) averaging over 15mbs download and about 7.5mbs upload, and our wifi router is provided by our tv/internet provider, which is powerfull enough to support wifi tv locally (Bell Fibe TV wireless for those of you canadian). We typically use either one of 2 laptops to watch it on slingbox.com: a recent samsung computer with HDMI output, and an older HP Pavillion dv6000. Both work great while streaming anywhere in montreal, tried it at school, at gf's place, about anywere, and for both.

      But, when we go to our cottage in northen Vermont, we're getting some odd issues. We got a DSL 4mbs download and 1mbs upload with speedtests averaging 3.2mbs download and 1.1mbs upload, and our wifi router is a top of the line Cisco Systems, just short of been industrial/commercial quality. As much as I'd like to get more, its just not available. We're connected to Fairpoint, and I've looked around and they seem not to be throttling on download speeds. So, when we are streaming using the samsung, we get great quality, full hd, and only an occasional 'hick up' when quality auto switches from Best HD to HD like once every hour or so, while using Internet Explorer. If we switch to the older HP (the samsung is mine, the HP is my parents', and I need mine sometimes), while using Internet Explorer, we get an error code 201 every 5-10 minutes, and choppy pictures every 45 seconds. Some brilliant tech support lady told me to switch to Firefox or Chrome. Which I did, and instead of getting code 201, I get code 228 with the same frequency of choppy pictures....

      I've tried about all available settings on the slingbox menu on the older HP to see if it would help, including setting quality to minimum and playing with hardware boost or not, which changed nothing at all. On the other hand, if we stream online tv from a website such as ABC or TVA Nouvelles (for those of you from quebec), we dont get any issues at all.


      I'm out of ideas to do the troubleshooting... anyone could help, I'd appreciate much!

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello nicholasgignac,


          Thank you for posting in the Slingbox Answers Forum! I'm sorry to hear you are getting poor video quality when connecting to your Slingbox 500 from your cottage in northern Vermont.


          Your  network speed at the location of the Slingbox certainly meets the bandwidth requirments to stream in HD. However, the issue is with the upload speed at your cottage. In order to stream in HD, with no issues, you will need atleast 2Mbps of upload speed at both the Slingbox location and the location you're connecting to the Slingbox from. An upload speed of 1.1Mbps will cause the issue you are having.


          Below is a link to a page from our support site that tells you this information. See the Minimum Network Bandwidth section of the page.



          Hope this helps!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team