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    SOLO connection issue




      I had my slingbox for about a year when it started to fail.  I through it in the closet and didn't think anything of it.  I'm pulling it out now after about 2 years to try and fix it.  I'm not sure what is wrong..


      I hook everything up and the power light is on and the network light is on.  I go online but it won't connect.  After the lights are on for about a minute, the network light randomly resets and after about 20 seconds goes back to solid... This just keeps happening but it never connects. 


      I've read online that many people have bulging capacitors.  I open up my box but it looks like the capacitors are ok (no signs of bulging).  Could it be the power supply.  How do you know when a power supply is bad? 


      Has anyone else had a similar problem?  I've searched this forum but could not find a similar problem.  Please help!