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    flickering input from slingbox


      To whom it may concern,


      I just recently purchased a new laptop and have been setting it up.  When it came time to set up my slingbox on it, things appeared to go smoothly except for one thing, the slight flickering of the screen.  It is very mild but you do notice it.  I updated my slingbox Pro-HD to it's latest version and even went through and reset up the slingbox from scratch.  Any help would be great!



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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello  Malorise,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are not able to get a stable video signal when connecting to your Slingbox PRO-HD.


          It sounds like this could be Selectable Output Control (SOC). If you are using Component cables, when connecting an HDMI cable to your set-top box, it could cause this issue, or even cause you to not get a video signal at all. A way to test this is to disconnect any HDMI cables that are connected to your set-top box. After this is done, you should get a clear picture.


          Below is a link to an article that explains SOC in better detail:



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