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    The Distraction of White..

    Maxcats Novice

      Slingbox designers here's a plea; Get rid of the white!


      In any image playback screen 'white' is a distration to the eye. And you're riddled with it.


      Slingplayer needs to look at other playback screens like 'Wondershare Player' to see how great the abscence of white really is. Black playback is your friend.


      The worst example of this is the Slingbox Pop-Up Player. It has a white band across the top with computer code on display. It is distracting to the image and simply - you have to get rid of it.


      Team Slingbox if you want to lead this game then lead it with fantastic image making enhanced by fantastic image playback.


      Right now, you have only one of the two.


      PLEASE - make it black!