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    Missing Channels


      My slingbox Solo is connected to a dedicated Comcast RNG110 box.  I receive most channels, even those broadcast in HD, but several channels (e.g. ESPN standard and HD) do not show.  The program guide shows that the channel has been changed, but no audio or video comes through.  I've tried in Microsoft IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.  I've read every possible article in this Forum and I've reset the box twice. Any ideas?

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          test350 Novice

          I know nothing about the Comcast box, but suggest that you temporarily connect it to a TV or monitor.  Using the physical remote (or buttons on the box if applicable), try to find the desired channels.  If you can't get them, this is obviously not a Slingbox issue.  If you do find them, note their numbers and see whether those work properly with Slingbox.

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            Zbonomo12 Novice

            Hello djbergman,

            Thanks for posting to our Forums! I'm sorry to hear that you are not getting the complete channel line up when you connect on the Slingbox.


            When you connect to the the Slingbox you are displaying all video and audio information that the cable box is streaming. If the cable box is a dedicated cable box, I would take a TV to the cable box. To make sure you are getting the correct channel line up on the TV. If you are unable to get the channels on the TV, there might be an issue with the cable company end.

            Hope this helps!

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