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    US-Denmark issue



      I've just brought aa slingbox 350 i US. Imported the device to denmark.


      I works fine on my own network. But when I go to Ex Spain it wont work there.

      Can't export the new slingbox to another account (missing ID)


      • It seems that I cant change country from US to Denmark
      • I dont get an Slingbox ID.


      Anybody in similar situation ?


      Rolf Damm

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Not sure I understand what you are saying here.   Are you physically moving the Slingbox to Spain ?   Why are you moving it to another account ?   You need to be more specific.

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              Hey alanrichey42..

              Thx for replying.

              I will try to more specific then


              Slingbox 350 is permanent in Denmark. But slings tv-signal to Spain.

              My family in Spain uses another account, where they also have other slingboxes.

              And this new 350 needs to be moved too my family's account


              But the problem is the slingbox Id on the 350. There is no ID. I can see the box is probarly installed og works fine in Denmark (in my own house on lokal network). But I need the slingbox ID to move the 350 to another account !


              Maybe this new 350 dont even work here i DK ?


              Hope you now understand my question


              Thx again

              Rolf Damm

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  OK, I think I understand now.   And as you say, Sling don't use the ID anymore.  Have you tried logging on locally in Denmark using their account, and then you should be able to add it to that account ?   After that they will see it.


                  The other option is for them to simply use your account if they want to watch it.

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                    test350 Novice

                    On the newer boxes, IDs and passwords are normally hidden from the end user.  The official way to allow a guest to access your box is explained here: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000358.html


                    However, you can still do it the old-fashioned way, for example if you want to grant someone admin access:


                    Note that 350 and 500 have 15-character pseudo-random passwords, unrelated to your password on slingbox.com.


                    Open newwatch.slingbox.com and log into your Sling account (if not automatically logged in).  Then, visit https://newwatchsecure.slingbox.com/watch/slingAccounts/account_boxes_js .  Your browser may display it directly, or offer to save the .js file.  In that case save it, then open it in a text editor, e.g. Notepad if you have nothing better.


                    You should see data including the ID's and passwords for all devices in your directory.  If you have multiple devices, please note that the device "displayName" is after the corresponding passwords.