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    Slingbox 500/Slingsync & USB Format for Mac


      I was wondering if anyone has come up with a solution or work around for using a mac compatible external hard drive with slingsync on a 500?


      I have only been able to get it recognize my drive on my mac AND 500 when FAT formatted - of course the problem with this format is the 4 gb max file size. I have an external drive (2tb) with alot of 7 to 8 gb movies.


      Any advice out there from someone in a similar situation?





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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Per Frequently asked questions about the SlingSync feature of SlingPlayer - What types of disk file systems are currently supported? :


          The SlingSync feature supports USB 2.0 drives formatted using any of these formats:

          - FAT16

          - FAT32

          - NTFS


          Mac OS X can read a NTFS volume (disk), but not write to a NTFS volume--writing is only supported up through FAT32-formatted volumes.  And (as you've discovered) the maximum file size of FAT32 is 4GiB (per Wikipedia). Your options are to use any of the following (in ascending order of difficulty) in tandem with a NTFS-formatted disk:


          - Purchase and install a write-supported NTFS driver, such as Paragon NTFS or Tuxera NTFS

          - Download and install a free write-supported NTFS driver such as NTFS 3G

          - Enable Mac OS X's unsupported NTFS writing feature, as described here


          Each option depends on your personal comfortability level with Mac OS X.

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              Thanks ferguspa -


              Paragon worked well and I have been able to get my movies (over 4gb) to play.........however I can't seem to figure out how to access this folder via the web player......iPhone, iPad or Mac Air


              From what I've read it only plays via the TV my 500 is connected to?


              Hope not since this would defeat my purpose and not make much sense to me! Only access I found was through the iPhone player and it wasn't the movies from my hard drive.


              How do you access the conttents of the external hard drive through the slingplayer online?

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                  ferguspa Apprentice

                  I don't have a 500, and I'm going to (hopefully correctly) restate your question as "How do I (remotely) access media on a My Media-attached drive from SlingPlayer running on either my computer, phone, or tablet?" It appears the answer is "you don't".  From the My Media support article (italics mine):


                  "My Media allows you to browse and play personal content on the TV. This means you can plug an external hard drive into the Slingbox 500, loaded with videos and pictures using a wide range of supported formats, and watch the content on your TV using the Slingbox 500’s remote control!"


                  I'm guessing Sling Inc. positions My Media as more of an Apple TV/Roku competitor than a "stream media located at your home" solution.  The 500 would have to be able to simultaneoulsy decode and reencode the audo/video media in real time which may be out of its reach hardware-wise.  To listen to or view media stored at home from SlingPlayer client software you'd likely need some other device (Apple TV, Roku, or the like) decoding the video files, which in turn would output a television signal fed into the Slingbox.