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    App costs


      Why do I have to pay $15 for an App on my IPad & IPhone but watch it free on windows based laptops & surface tablets?

      I just paid $300 for a new Sling Box 500.  I would expect to get a free App for my IPad with my purchase.

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          I'm a tad annoyed over the pricing policy of the apps. Apps from network broadcasters are popping up left and right. Why is there a fee at all, since the whole premise is that Slingbox uses the internet as a carrier. While I can't expect freebies if you folks feel the app must be a chargeable item, Comcast is starting to get sticky about slingbox and they suggest we yank the Slingbox and use their player which is free..


          I dunno . . . . . . I'm just an old man on SS!!!!!!

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              I wouldn't mind so such paying for the app if Sling were more responsive to the litany of faults reported in this forum. And I paid for the app when it was still $25, a few months before the price drop.


              So Sling Media: given the relatively high price of the app, on top of relatively expensive hardware - how about taking a close look at all the bug reports in this forum and get to work fixing them. The money earned from app sales should be going directly to resource app development until the product is more stable. If you continue to treat mobile apps as an afterthought, even though this is fast becoming the predominant method for Slingbox viewing, you are jeopardizing your business model.

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              I too am shocked that Sling would dare charge their own customers who have purchased their hardware for their own app access, seems like another method to extort money from their customer base.


              Called in to customer support and was told this is Apple's policy, not sure I believe that.


              Please make the app free to your own customers!!