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    Favorites in SlingPlayer for the Web


      The whole idea of making favorites is to make something easier to use.


      My expectations were met with the Favorites in Slingplayer for iPad.  But using SlingPlayer for the Web it is downright unacceptable.  It almost appears the favorites function has not been reviewed since it the software was published.


      First, there is no feedback to the user when clicking on the Guide that a channel has been made into a favorite.

      Second, the order of the favorites when using them on slingbox.com bears no resemblance to the order they were created.  I was told by Tier 2 support that the software orders the favorites in the order of most used.  But what if the user has no use for that?  What if, like on the iPad, the order is by channel number?  Or what if the user would prefer ordering them alphabetically?  None of these options are available.


      I would suggest that the goal of creating expectations for users that consistancy be attained from platform to platform.  You currently have a wonderful favorites system on the iPad.  I suggest that you use that as a template to create an improved favorites when using SlingPlayer for the Web.


      Goal #1 Provide user feedback by showing a "heart" once a favorite has been created for a channel.

      Goal #2 Provide the user the list of "heart" channels in that order and provide the user with alternative ways of sorting them. (ie by channel, by network name, by order clicked on.)


      That would provide a user a much easier interface and allow the user to access the users favorite channels the way the user would prefer.


      Thanks for reading this suggestion.