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    muti-digit channel number delay setting


      My set-top box needs some delay between the digits of the channel numbers with more than 1 digit , which I was able to configure using the old setup assistant for my Slingbox solo using the legacy setup assitant ( Screenshot attached ) 


      Is there a similar option for Slingbox 500. Since I am not able to do that , when I select channel 123 from my favorites , slingbox 500 would send the codes too fast so the setup box goes to channel 13, When I try channel 213 it would go to 23.

      Note - I am using a custome remote code and the channel works if I click all the digits on the remote with remote delay inbetween

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          eddiecolon91 Newbie

          Hey hkbandi,


          I completely understand how not being able to get the channel changed properly can be frustrating. Just like you pointed out, there was a feature where you could manually select the speed of how fast you could press the number buttons. Unfortunately with the newer Slingbox models that option is no longer available.


          I ran into a simular problem like this with my personal Slingbox 350. At the time I was only using the internal built in IR emitters. I plugged in the pyramid shaped IR emitter & placed it in front of my cable box to see if that would help any. To my surprise it worked better. What I came to find out was that the built in IR emitters did not sustain a strong enough signal to my cable box in order for me to change the channels as fast as I would like. Using the "pyramid" helped me increase the input speed of how fast I could press the buttons.


          Below I have a couple of articles that could give you a little more insight when it comes to what's not available for features with the 350 & 500. Also there is a link that shows you the layout of the interface for the Slingbox website.



          This information should give you some aid with the issue you are having. I hope it helps you & if you have any other questions feel free to respond!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team