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    How do you set up Internet Viewing?


      I've read all of the forum posts and have been trying for a week to set up Internet viewing with no luck. My Slingbox A/V worked fine and then I got a new Cisco E3000 router and ethernet bridge. My slingbox works fine at home but I can't get to work remotely. I've tried the set-up assistant and it tells me my log-in is incorrect. I try manually setting it up and it fails to connect. I've tried changing my router settings and port setting etc. No luck. Has anyone had this issue and figured out how to make it work?

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          give techincal support a ring......they took over my laptop remotely and configured everything for me.

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            eferz Expert

            Once you have the Slingbox setup  for local viewing, its configuration is pretty much done.  In order to  get the remote viewing, your firewall needs to be able to configured to  allow public network traffic to it.  The Slingbox uses port 5001 by  default, so your router will need to  redirect that traffic to the the  Slingbox.  This is typically facilitated by using Port Forwarding.  If  your router isn't listed in the Setup Assistant, you can look for  directions at http://portforward.com


            (I've looked at their support website, and found the following webpage that will help you setting up port fowarding: http://www6.nohold.net/Cisco2/ukp.aspx?vw=1&docid=cf08f54aefbe4d9f97cfb772d817bdf8_3699.xml&pid=96&slnid=4)


            The Slingbox  is also Universal Plug & Play (uPnP) compatible.  If your router is  also uPnP compatible then you can allow the Slingbox to communicate and  configure router appropriately.  Most routers have this option disable  by default, so its a good idea to check if its compatible.

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              I've had the same exact problem, as I am trying to set up a new laptop for remote internet viewing.  I know that my router username/password that I am entering is correct, but the login fails, and any attempt to manually set it up fails as well.  I have confirmed all of the settings, but it will not work.  It really bothers me that I have to spend more money to get help from Slingbox when I have done everything that is instructed.

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                  eferz Expert

                  Once you have the local viewing setup for your Slingbox your done  with its configuration.  The only thing that's preventing you from  remote viewing is your router.


                  Slingbox provides its support through port 5001 (by   default) and that's how you access it from your private network and    public network.  However, your router has certain services to provide    you with a safe networking enviroment.  Unfortunately, these services    are also preventing you from accessing your Slingbox remotely. One way    to allow your Slingbox outside of your network is port forwarding.     Without port forwarding any internet request for port 5001 will be    ignored.  This is because your router doesn't know which of your  networked clients will handle it.


                  When you configure  port forwarding on your router,  you specify port 5001.  This is the  port  which the Slingbox provides  its services.  So, the next important  part  of completing the port  forwarding rule is the IP address of your  Slingbox.  Once you've  completed setting up the port forwarding rule,  all of the outside requests for port 5001 to be directed to your  Slingbox.


                  Another alternative is Universal Plug  and  Play (uPnP)  its a set of protocols that allows to devices to   communicate with one  another for configuration purposes.  If your  router is uPnP compatible, it is possible that its services is disabled  by  default.  That might explains why the Slingbox Assistant couldn't  complete  when it started running for  tests for internet viewing.  If  you can  find out how to enable uPnP on  your router then you can rerun  the Setup  Assistant to allow the  automated configuration to complete.


                  To  test your router's configuration, go to http://www.canyouseeme.org and in  the "What Port?" box type in the port number that your slingbox  is  using and click the "Check" button.


                  If you set it  up correctly, then you'll get a response  "Success: I can see your service on  <public  IP address> on port (<port number>)".