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    TV switches source when a slingbox user connects and disconnected


      I have just connected my new Slingbox 500 to my cable box (UPC Mediabox). Unfortunately, I have discovered that the content is HDCP protected, so I connected composite cables also (no component output on the cable box). The problem I have is that if I am watching TV and someone connects to the slingbox, my TV automatically switches from HDMI to Composite connection (TV screen goes blank for a second or two, then shows lower quality picture). Then when the slingbox disconnects, it switches back to HDMI connection (again, a blank screen - for longer this time, 3-4 secs - before returning to higher quality picture).  The interuption and lower quality picture is pretty annoying for the person watching the TV.  I suspect also that the content being streamed is lesser quality than it could be.


      Is this a common problem?  Is there a workaround?

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello m_mcdaid,


          Thanks for posting in the forums! I understand when connecting to your Slingbox 500, your TV (connected via HDMI) switches to the composite input, in which the Slingbox is using.


          Are you also running composite cables OUT of the Slingbox to your TV? If so, it is doing this because you are using the Slingbox as a pass-through. Basically, you are watching your cable through the Slingbox on your TV.


          If you disconnect the composite cables from the OUT on your Slingbox to your TV, leaving only HDMI from your cable box to your TV, you should no longer experience this problem.


          Feel free to reply is this does not work for you!


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks Tyler, I tried that, but still have a major problem.


              Now when the slingbox connects, the following message appears on the TV:


              Your slingbox is configured to disable the HDMI input when a remote user is connected.  To continue watching live TV:

              - Switch your TV input to Composite then select LIVE TV

              - Or select DISCONNECT to disable the remote user


              This is obvioulsy very annoying for anyone watching the TV, and is completely unexpected for me - I have a red slingbox pro for years and this never had any impact on the TV viewer.


              I have a UPC Mediabox (Cisco) which has outputs for HDMI, Composite Audio (red & white), Scart (i.e. no Component Output).  My TV can accept all connections.  Is there anyway I can set up my Slingbox 500 in such a way that I can view my cable remotely without impacting the TV HD connection?


              Please help .... I'm beginning to worry that this has been a complete waste of a lot of money and I was better off not upgrading.