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    WATCH - Total PC Freeze and Lockup - Why?


      (I'm reposting this from my response to another posting in this discussion - it seemed that I couldn't start a new one, but now I can - Thanks)


      WATCH keeps freezing and locking up my PC


      Any idea why?


      Slingbox works great from the iPad and iPhone


      But when I try and run WATCH from my PC, it runs for a minute or two and then a TOTAL PC FREEZE AND LOCKUP


      Have to reach for the power switch after that




      Dell Studio PC 540 (desktop)

      Windows 7

      IE 10

      Ethernet (wired) connection


      (My Slingbox is suppsedly READY for Internet Viewing --  but apparently it's not ?? )


      This has happened several times - more than just a few.  Same thing every time.  Use IE to access Slingbox account , go to WATCH, everything beautiful for a couple minutes and then WHAM.  The end.  Lockup. Freeze, Keyboard and mouse unresponsive. No recovery possible. Cold boot.


      So I'm left puzzled and perplexed - WHY?