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    When will Slingbox stop playing around with text-check strings?


      I am so annoyed with Slingbox.

      Every single time a Browser or OS is upgraded, Slingbox wont work.


      Since Slingbox plays around with text strings to check OS version/browser versions.


      1) Remove these strings = it works!

      2) When Slingbox cant play around with text strings checks it work (just look at slingplayer for iPad/Iphone: Works great with iOS7 since they cant check what OS version I use.


      Why do my OSX version matter if slingplayer launches or not? Why do you check if I use 10.9 or any other "non supported" versions of OSX?


      Just remove these idiotic checks and print "supported versions" and let us try on "unsupported version".


      Every single year its the same. 3-4 month without support for the latest OSX.

      And I dont even request official support, just stop with the 1999 year tech of checking OS/Browser versions with a text string.


      It would take a technician at Sling 10 seconds to edit the text string to include OSX 10.9/and Safari 7.
      You should be happy havning users that wants to beta test your software. We /developers that have OSX 10.9 and so on understands that its unsupported versions, but you dont even let us try slingbox. "unsupported OS"

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          AndyK Newbie

          Enable Developer mode in Safari, It's not hard to fool the checking on OS X or Windows via changing the User Agent string.


          Preferences  -> Advanced and tick Show Develop menu in menu bar then change the user agent.


          Safari uses a plugin BTW, so it will never work on the iPad.

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            eddiecolon91 Newbie

            Hey shompa,


            I could understand that it's a frustrating process waiting for OS versions & browsers to be supported. When it comes to the Slingbox not being able to work immediately with the newer OS versions & browsers, this is how it works.


            When a new OS version or browser is developed we have to create new plug-ins for them as well to make them compatible. Once those plug-ins are created the OS versions & browsers are at that time listed as "supported". If any updates come out for the plug-ins you will be prompted to download any updates at that time. Certain OS versions & browsers become "outdated" because we can't keep making plug-in updates for every OS version & browser that is out there.


            Below is a link that will give you some aid in installing & removing plug-ins.



            I know that this information doesn't fit exactly into what you were wanting to know but I hope it can at least shed a little light about the process of OS versions & browsers becoming supported.


            If you have any further questions feel free to reply!


            Best regards,

            The Sling moderation Team

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                ferguspa Apprentice

                What shompa is asking for is the opt-in option to bypass the check and try to connect anyways.  For example, Gmail will allow a user on an old browser to at least try to use the Gmail web interface even if their browser is not supported.  Another option could be that Sling Inc. could create a beta program where users could opt in and provide (useful) feedback and real-world testing against currently-unsupported OS'es and browser revisions.