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    No longer getting full size picture on iPhone 5 for HD channels


      When I downloaded the first version of the iPhone Slingplayer app that supported the larger iPhone 5 screen, I was getting a full screen picture on my HD channels.  However, I am now no longer gettting a full picture on these channels, it now is a much smaller picture with large black bars on BOTH the top/bottom and the sides. (It is a 16:9 aspect ratio picture, but not taking up anywhere near the full iPhone 5 screen....see attached images).


      I do have the latest version (3.5.1) of the Slingplayer for iPhone and I have also tried deleting and re-installing the app, which did not help.  I do have a "perfect" signal (3 green dots) and both my quality and aspect ratio options are set correctly (I have set both to Auto Detect).  If I set to Letterbox on an HD staton, I then have black bars on the top and bottom and the picture is stretched horizontally.  If I set to Zoom, it then does fill the entire screen, but part of the picture is cropped.


      SD channels appear to display correctly and in fact display a significantly bigger picture than the HD channels.  There are black bars on the sides (as there should be) and only very minimal (barely noticeable) bars on the top/bottom.


      My slingbox is a SOLO and is connected to my DVR (Xfinity's MOTOROLA DCX3425) via Component cables (along with audio cables).  Also, when I view this same Slingbox using my PC Slingplayer, everything works fine and I get a full and correctly sized picture on my 16:9 laptop.


      Any ideas?  I am not sure what changed other than updates to the iPhone Slingplayer app as new versions were released (after the first one that supported the full iPhone 5 screen and worked correctly).  The only other thing I can think of is that I jailbroke my phone, but that should not impact how Slingplayer displays (it has not had any impact, adverse or otherwise, on any of my other apps).


      Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.