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    Trouble in Africa


      I have a Slingbox Pro-HD. I currently live in subsaharan Africa. My slingbox has worked in the US, Europe, and other countries in Africa except mine. I have two friends who have tested their slingboxes at my house and theirs without any problems. In other words, their slingboxes work over there and mine does not. Mine does not work in any of the houses for more than about 10 minutes before it closes 'due to poor internet connection'. THe internet at the physical location of the of the slingbox is approximately 20 down and 2 upload. At my home in Africa. it is about 10 down and approximately 1.5 up.  One of my friends has a fiber line that is muvh higher but it still didn't work for more than 10 minutes before I had to reset (and download the 'cookie').


      Please give me some options....




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          test350 Novice

          Do the desktop Slingplayer and the web-based player fail in the same way?  What Stream Type (TCP, SNATT, or Relay) do you get when viewing your Slingbox?  Approximate streaming speed?  What Stream Type do you get viewing your friend's (working) Slingbox?  Approximate streaming speed?


          To view Stream Type (and other statistics info) in the web player, hold the Ctrl key and left-click in the palying video.  In the desktop player, hold Shift and Alt then type I (which means Info).


          If your friend's is TCP and yours not, you need to set up port forwarding on the router at the Slingbox location.  Vice-versa, you could remove the port forwarding, or block the TCP connection, e.g. with Windows Firewall.


          Have you confirmed that viewing your Slingbox from another country is still working properly?

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            Tyler.Sling Novice

            Hello keblakeney,


            Thank you for posting in the Slingbox Answers Forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble keeping a connection to your Slingbox when connecting from Africa.


            How exactly is the Slingbox connected to your router? Is it hardwired with an Ethernet cable, or are you using some sort of a wireless bridge?


            Below is a link to an article that may help with troubleshooting this issue:



            Hope this helps!


            Kind regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team