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    NeoTV On Screen Menu Controls Question


      I recently bought a Netgear NeoTV NTV 300 and the DVR and Aspect on screen controls are not available.  I am connecting to a new Slingbox 350 device.  Does anyone know why these menus are not available?  I would have thought that I could have used the DVR and Aspect menus with this device.  Thanks in advance.

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          Thanks for posting in the forums! I apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to access your aspect ratio function when using the Netgear NeoTV.


          You should have access to this function. When pullin up the onscreen menu, it gives you a bar at the top that allows you to choose what options you see on the bottom. On the top bar, the option to the far left should give you those options you are looking for.


          Below shows the remote control shortcuts for the Netgear NeoTV:


          Up/Down/Left/Right/EnterNavigates the SlingPlayer interface and the onscreen menu
          Red buttonDisplays video debug information
          Green buttonDisplays SlingPlayer Help (shortcut) keys
          Yellow buttonDisplays the Programming Guide
          Blue buttonActivates the onscreen menu
          Return buttonReturns to the previous screen in SlingPlayer except when the video screen is displayed.
          MenuActivates the onscreen menu
          Transport controlsFast-Forward, Play/Pause, Rewind, Skip Forward, Skip Backwards, Stop

          Feel free to reply if you are still experiencing this issue!


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            I've spent hours on the phone with NetGear over the past 9 months and all they can suggest is that I reset the device.  The only inputs available on the DVR menu are Composite but my Tivo HD is connected to the SlingBox Pro via HDMI.  I've heard that the DVR functions did work at some point but were broken after a software update - mine never worked from Day 1.  Good luck getting a resolution.  #WastedMoneyandEffort