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    Slingplayer / Dishanywhere, Not working with Mac Mavericks DP3


      We're sorry, but your current web browser, operating system, or the combination of both is not currently supported by the SlingPlayer plug-in. Please click here for more information."


      Tried in chrome, and safari, same message. Help,

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          eddiecolon91 Newbie

          Hey bodean,


          I can understand how not being able to connect your device can be aggravating. I have a couple of questions with what you are attempting to connect with.


          • What Slingbox unit are you attempting to access?
          • What operating system is the computer that you have?
          • Have you attempted to use Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer?


          There are some operating systems that are no longer supported. Below is a link that will let you know exactly which operating systems are still supported. Also if you are attempting to connect to your Slingbox using the browsers on an Android tablet or an iPad you will recieve those messages as well. 



          I hope this information will be a good aid to give you a little more insight about connecting. Feel free to respond to the questions posted & I will give you any more information you will need past that point.


          Best regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              This is the first time since Mavericks came out that I have seen a response from slingbox on this issue. There are a few other threads about this.


              But I Have the same issue with slignbox HD.


              And as this is a question about Mavericks there is no internet explorer avaiable. But I have triied with Safari, Firefox, and chrome. Only way I have been able to get it to work was change the system information plist to show that the OS was 10.8. But after rebooting that brakes all the apple apps as they are set to work on 10.9. That would fool it enough that firefox and chrome would work but no safari. I suppose that it because it is version 7.



              But it seems to me that the plug in needs to be set so it will work with versions above 10.8 or safari 6. This should not be to hard to do. I guess it all depends on how soon slighbox wants to support it's customers. I would think they would want to show that they are willing to take care of customers. I did try a chat to ask abour this but all I got was your product is out of warrenty would I like to buy a support ticket.


              To me a proper resonse wolud have been I am sorry but this is a beta OS. We are unable to help you but I will inform development of the issue. But with the response I got I quit looking at a new 500.

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                  Not sure if anyone has tried but has this been resolved in recent betas?  Like Beta 5?   Let me know if you can.  Thanks!

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                      No still not working properly in beta 5. Easiest way to get it to work as slingbox is not going to fix it is


                      open teminal


                      Enter this command


                      sudo nano -w /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist


                      Edit the file displayed to change the 2 listings for the OS ver to 10.8 from 10.9


                      Save the file


                      Use firefox and it will now work.


                      Safari will work but you also have to modify the user agent


                      However first reboot and all the built in apps fail because they are looking for 10.9. Best thing is as soon as you have it working in firefox change the version back. You need to do this each time to start the slingbox pluging but it will work.



                      This should be an easy fix for the plugin but I guess slignbox suppoprt either does not care or have any one smart enough to fix it.

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                  I know Sling is pulling the "it's a beta" stuff and is hard blocking use of the tool under Mavericks. Most developers are releasing unsupported test/beta releases of their software for stuff that mostly works but has some minor glitches but Sling is just saying NO and taking their ball and going home.


                  However, I discovered today that the old SlingPlayer app (v for the Mac works totally fine under Mavericks DP7. I've always preferred the app over the brower plug-in anyway and it continues to work just fine. I'm not sure if it's still available from the Slingmedia site but if you can find it, you'll have access to your Slingbox again as normal.


                  UPDATE: Just found the link to download the Mac App.


                  SlingPlayer for Mac Desktop Software Download

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                      Actually because of the great response from any one at slingbox on this issueI am going to stop using slignbox.  Ss tivo has released a new tivo that will have the ability to stream media it seems like a better idea to me to drop using slingbox. As they seem to only be good in helping a customer with a active support contact. The only real reply I got from them is my support was expired and I could buy a support call. Not even a this is beta and we don't support yet. On the customer service side slingbox need to learn how to respond to a customer. But all they did was tell me my support was over and I could buy a support call. To me it is easier just to stop using the sling box. As tivo is going to provide me with the ability to do this for free. And customer support at tivo is always been helpful. Goodbye slingbox. Maybe you will learn after more people like me stop using your product.

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                          I hear you on giving up on Sling. I had the same issues with all the iPad app problems. They refused to even talk to me, just said I could pay for support or they would not even talk to me. It was doubly frustrating because I was calling about something that they broke with a new release of the software


                          I'm headed down the same path you describe with the TiVo. I got a Roamio Basic box a couple of weeks ago when they were released. I'm now just waiting for the Remote streaming support to be released and hoping it comes on time as predicted in October. I'll buy the TiVo Stream once the software has been released and then give up on Slingbox for good. I've been a big supporter over the years but they have major software quality and support issues and they're not getting better, their getting worse.


                          They built a business model that assumes free services for life after hardware sale but cannot seem to sustain the software side of the house needed to support that business model. As a result, the software quality has progressively declined over the years and the support has become completely non-existent.