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    Better key support for Sony Google TV


      I recently purchased the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV, mainly because it supports SlingPlayer. I like it so far, but I have these requests:


      1. Obviously, the delay responding to key presses on the remote is a first order issue. On the same network, my Web SlingPlayer and Mobile SlingPlayer both respond more quickly. I tested out a WD TV Play and it was even worse. I assume Sling is working on improving this.

      2. The Play and Pause keys on the remote do exactly the same thing - Pause. Please make them have separate Play and Pause functionality so that I can press Play and know that it will play, not toggle. This is especially important when the remote control delay is so long, as with my DVR, I'm often not sure, after sending several commands without seeing any results yet, if it will end up paused or playing. If I can press Play and know it will always play, then I have a much better user experience given the delay issue.

      3. The PageUp and ChannelUp keys both send ChannelUp, and the PageDown and ChannelDown both send ChannelDown. Please enable them to have their expected functionality.

      4. It is VERY easy to accidentally press the ChannelUp or ChannelDown keys on the remote, since they are on the side of the remote. If I'm in the middle of watching a show that I paused earlier, then accidentally changing the channel is very disruptive. When I change back to the channel I was watching, it puts me live at the end, and I forever lose all the buffered content I haven't yet watched. Please consider an option to disable ChannelUp/ChannelDown on the remote, or at least be able to remap their functions to PageUp/PageDown if you don't want to fix issue 3 above.


      Thank you.