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    Slingbox Pro help needed!


      Hello all!

      This is my first post so go easy on me. My Slingbox pro stopped working recently and I am about to throw it in the garbage. I have been trouble shooting for three weeks now.  My set up is as follows. Dish VIP612 to SB Pro with composite cable. The same 612 goes to tv with HDMI. I have a Zhone wireless DSL modem/router with Consolidated Communications. I cannot connect at all from outside my network and using slingplayer from my laptop at home, i can connect to my SB but only get the audio feed. The screen gives me "weak or no video signal detected" message, but the audio plays great. I have tried everything i can think of. Do i just need a new box? I find it weird that all the video rendering would just **** out. Another thing is that during setup, I no longer get video in the little preview box either. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the help! Oh and I cannot find this Zhone router listed in ANY sling wizards so set-up info for it would be great as well!



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          eferz Expert

          It sounds like you have two seperate issues.


          1.  Access from outside your local network.


               This can be fixed by enabling uPnP on your router if applicable or creating a Port Forwarding rule for your


               The default port that Slingbox uses is port 5001, so you'll need to create a port forwarding rule to redirect the incoming public traffic on 5001 and forward it to your Slingbox's local IP address.  If your using DHCP, I would also recommend that you set up a DHCP reservation for your Slingbox's MAC address so that it always gets the same IP address.  Just make sure that IP address it outside the range of your automatic DHCP addresses, so another device doesn't randomly get the same address.


               If that sounds complicated, just use uPnP.  It allows the Slingbox to communicate with your router and set itself up for you.  After enabling uPnP on your router just walk through setting up the remote viewing on the Slingbox Assistance and it will do it for you.



          2.   Slingbox is not receving a video feed.


               Sounds like your Slingbox is getting audio from your Dish VIP612.  This could mean that your Slingbox player is toggled to an input other than the composite.  It could also mean that the HDMI port on your VIP612 has disabled its analog video ouputs.  Or it could mean that you need to recheck your connections or verify the output that the Slingbox is receiving by connecting it to your TV.


               The Slingbox Pro HD only has one audio input but three video selection Component, Composite, and S-Video.  Make sure your Slingbox player is toggled to the appropriate video input.  This will be in the "Connect | Video Input" in the stand alone player or Input button on the web player.


               Unfortuantely, there's no standard across manufacturers when an HDMI cord is plugged in its set-top boxes.  Some boxes will disable the analog ports when the HDMI is plugged in, or when its plugged in and a DRM content is playing, or just kind of randomly.  I think its stupid that there is no standard to this but it a wacky world.  The best way to test your box is to test the analog outputs directly to your TV with the HDMI cable plugged in and then test it when it is disconnected.


               The Slingbox Pro HD has two rows of connections the top row is input and the bottom row is output.  Make sure your cables are connected appropriately, its not entirely uncommon to plug the right cable into the wrong connection.  Double check your work.  You can also connect the bottom output connections to your TV since they're a pass through to see whether or not your Slingbox is receiving the respective signal.


          Message was edited by: eferz Oh, you said Pro not Pro HD.  The same troubleshooting applies.  The difference with the Pro and Pro HD in this case is that each video input/output has its own respective audio connection, the connectors are in a single row, and that you require a separate cable for Component Input.

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            Denis247 Newbie

            What happened to cause it to stop working, did you change anything/upgrade firmware etc. ?


            I agree with previous responder that some (most ?) boxes stop their analogue video output when HDMI is selected.


            You need to verify what the video signal you are feeding the SB is like. Can you connect anything (second tv?) to the composite out of the SB ? to verify the presence of video?.  Or maybe temporarily connect your tv using the composite output from the set-top box and verifying the video is ok, then, without reconnecting the HDMI lead, connect this composite lead to the SB composite input (and ideally connect the SB composite output using another composite lead to the TV to monitor what's being fed to the SB).

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              First off thank you for the quick responses. I will try everything you suggested when I return from work in a couple days. I will post a reply as to the results when i get them. Thanks again!



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                  Okay, here is what i did today.


                  First off, focusing on the no video. I'll sort out the no connection from outside network later.


                  I disconnected all audio and visual connections from tv, dish vip 612 and the SB Pro.

                  I connected the video and audio out of the dish 612 using basic RCA cables.

                  Using slingplayer, i could get audio, but no video

                  I then connected another RCA cable from the slingbox OUTPUT and sent that to the TV to test pass-thru. All audio and video passed to the tv.

                  Sling box still playing audio, but no video.


                  I then tried to configure two other inputs. COAX, S-Video.  During set-up assistant, I never got any preview video in the preview pane no matter what input connection i tried.


                  I am pretty darned stumped here. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.