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    I have a Slingbox Pro HD.  Why should I buy a 350 or 500?


      Can any Sling folks give me a good reason to upgrade my Sling Pro HD to a 350 or 500?


      What can they do that that my HD can't?


      Give me a compelling reason to give you more money.  ;-)

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          test350 Novice

          If you can reliably stream at 3.5 Mbps or better, or could obtain such speeds by upgrading the Internet connection at the source and/or viewing location, then the 350 or 500 will give you a better picture.


          For 720p content, PRO-HD is limited to 30 fps; the newer boxes can do 60.  On 1080i or 1080p24 content, PRO-HD dumbs it down to 1920x540; 350 and 500 give a full 1920x1080.  In addition, during sufficiently fast motion, PRO-HD drops some  frames, regardless of streaming speed.


          I happen to have a PRO-HD and a 350 connected to the same (Verizon FiOS DVR) source and could post comparison clips of the same footage.  Let me know what kind of content, resolution and data rate you would like.


          However, be aware that the newer boxes lack some features present on PRO-HD.  Before upgrading, confirm that these are not required in your setup.