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    Screen Size Calibration Setting ignored by SlingPlayer



      The WD TV Live Box offers a setting within their config for Screen Size Calibration - this allows you to reduce the size of the screen used by the player.

      I have my screen size calibration setting  set to 70% and it works for the menu, playing video files from local or  network storage. When I use the SlingPlayer app it ignores this setting plays at full 100%. The SlingPlayer App overrides the system configuration and displays video at full 100%

      I have contacted WDTV Live Support as I think this would be an issue with the system, and they have told me this is not their problem as they do not control the apps and it is a problem with the application.


      Is there any way to have the SlingPlayer App on WD TV Live use the screen calibration setting rather than always playing at 100%?   I need this functionality to have the WD Live player to work with my projector- as I will have to return the WDTV Live box if this does not work.




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          I have the same problem of screen calibration using WD TV Live for slinged TV programs.  Even setting screen calibration at 70% does not reduce streamed picture to fit onto wide screen TV.  Image is too large and edges are cut off on TV.  WD TV on screen remote as listing for "aspect" but that function is not lit up and cannot be adjusted.  Maybe my issue is the opposite because the screen seem to fit fine on computer.