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    Remote-only mobile app enhancement request


      I would love to be able to watch my PC with the Slingplayer and use my mobile phone to control it as a remote. 


      Would it be possible to create an app to just control the Slingbox over my internal WiFi network that used the remote associated with the Slingbox only?  i.e., have the mobile phone work like a TV remote while the PC just displays the video?


      It would be much faster response time and would free me from getting up to control the Slingbox from the PC.  Each remote could also be displayed very nicely on the mobile phone.


      For example, I'm sitting in my kitchen watching the Slingplayer on the kitchen PC with a nice, big 30 inch display.  Rather than getting up from the table where I am having my nicely prepared dinner, I can look over to my handy mobile device and control the TV from there (instead of using a TV provider-supplied app).