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    Slingbox 500 intermittent video on iPad/iPhone when HD


      My home network where my Slingbox 500 is connected as a 2Mb/s upload and 80Mb/s download using speedtest.


      The location I am currently at has 25Mb/s down and up using speedtest.


      Both the iPhone and iPad Slingplayer apps when watching in HD give me intermittent video. Every10-20 seconds it pauses for a few seconds. It is impossible to watch.


      My port forwarding is set up correctly and this is confirmed by the 5 green dots on the screen.


      I have tried at various locations away from home anbd the problem persists so I assume it must be related to my home network.


      Anyone know what the issue might be?

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          test350 Novice

          The 350 and 500 require a minimum of 2.6 Mbps to stream in HD.  The PRO-HD can do 720p down to 1.2 Mbps, but will drop lots of frames during fast motion when running at your 2 Mbps speed.


          If your contracted upload speed is much higher than what a speedtest shows, there may be a problem with your modem, router or line that can be fixed.


          If you're willing to pay for it, your ISP (or a competing ISP) may offer higher upload speeds.


          Otherwise, you'll have to settle for a 480p picture.